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About Us

Who We Are

At Zenka Europe UAB, we are a leading electronic component supplier based in Europe, operating under a B2B business model. We take pride in delivering top-class, efficient, high-quality, and fast services to our valued clients. With our extensive experience in the industry, we specialize in the sourcing and distribution of active, passive, obsolete, and hard-to-find electronic components.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond component supply. We offer tailored manufacturing solutions to meet the unique requirements of each project or demand. Equipped with a vast supply chain network and a highly skilled team, we ensure a seamless and reliable flow of electronic components, catering to the needs of manufacturers across various industries.

From Europe to America and beyond, we serve a diverse range of sectors including security, healthcare, food, automotive, aviation, electric transportation, appliances, technology, and more. Our extensive portfolio of satisfied clients is a testament to our expertise and dedication in meeting their specific sourcing needs.

At Zenka Europe UAB, we understand the critical importance of timely delivery and supply chain efficiency. Our meticulous logistics management ensures on-time delivery, enabling our customers to meet their production schedules without any disruptions. We take pride in providing dependable solutions, promptly resolving our clients' supply challenges.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We prioritize building long-term partnerships based on trust, transparency, and reliability. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing personalized support, promptly addressing any inquiries or concerns. With us, you can expect a seamless and hassle-free experience throughout the entire supply chain process.

Choose Zenka Europe UAB as your trusted electronic component supplier and manufacturing partner. Experience the difference of working with a company that puts your needs first, delivers top-quality products, and ensures efficient and timely service.


At Zenka Europe, we envision a future where seamless access to high-quality electronic components fuels innovation and empowers businesses worldwide. Our vision is to be the preferred partner for manufacturers across industries, providing them with a reliable and efficient supply chain solution.

We strive to be at the forefront of technological advancements, constantly adapting to the evolving needs of our clients and the industry. By staying ahead of market trends, we aim to offer a comprehensive range of electronic components, including the latest innovations, to support our clients' growth and success.

In an increasingly interconnected world, we recognize the significance of strong relationships. We aspire to foster long-term partnerships with both our suppliers and customers, built on mutual trust, open communication, and shared success. By working collaboratively, we aim to create a synergistic environment that drives innovation, efficiency, and value for all stakeholders.

We are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our vision includes actively promoting and incorporating eco-friendly practices throughout our operations and supply chain. By prioritizing sustainable sourcing, reducing waste, and embracing green technologies, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable future for the electronic component industry and beyond.

Central to our vision is the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to exceeding expectations by delivering exceptional products, outstanding service, and unmatched reliability. Through our customer-centric approach, we aim to not only meet but surpass our clients' requirements, enabling them to thrive in a competitive market.

At Zenka Europe UAB, our vision is to be the driving force behind our clients' success. We are committed to providing innovative solutions, reliable partnerships, and unparalleled customer support. Together, we will shape the future of the electronics industry and make a positive impact on businesses worldwide.


At Zenka Europe UAB, our mission is to provide unparalleled electronic component solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a dynamic and competitive market. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality products, exceptional service, and reliable supply chain management to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Through our mission, we aim to be the trusted partner that our clients can rely on for their electronic component requirements. We are committed to offering a comprehensive range of products, leveraging our extensive network and industry expertise to source and deliver the highest quality components promptly. By providing exceptional customer support and fostering long-term partnerships, we strive to exceed expectations and contribute to the success of our clients.


At Zenka Europe UAB, we stand out from the competition thanks to our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We believe in delivering exceptional value and service to our clients, setting us apart as a trusted partner in the electronic component industry.

One key factor that sets us apart is our extensive industry expertise and knowledge. Our dedicated team of industry professionals is at the heart of what makes us different. We have developed a deep understanding of the electronic component market, enabling us to navigate the complexities and challenges of the industry. This expertise allows us to offer valuable insights and customized solutions to meet our clients' specific requirements.

Additionally, our focus on building strong and long-lasting relationships is a crucial aspect of what makes us different. We prioritize open communication, transparency, and collaboration with our clients. By truly understanding their needs and goals, we are able to provide tailored solutions and exceed their expectations. Our commitment to going the extra mile and delivering exceptional service sets us apart as a reliable and trusted partner.